Students calling for eco-friendly hiking

Depok, West Java (ANTARA) – The nature lover student community of the University of Indonesia (Mapala UI) has called for an eco-friendly hiking and tourism movement that can positively contribute to social and environmental sustainability.

“By undertaking a carbon-neutral hike, it is hoped that future Mapala UI members will help protect the environment during the global climate crisis. We hope that it will be a catalyst for increasing interest in,” said the president of Mapala UI. Magma said here on Monday.

He explained that the carbon neutral hike is based on three principles: accounting, replacing and reducing emissions.

Meanwhile, Dinni Septianingrum, founder of the environmental group #SeaSoldier, says that promoting carbon neutrality is aimed at achieving the absorption of carbon emissions.

Excess CO2 compounds warm the planet and cause climate change. The term carbon neutral was introduced to address excess carbon emissions, Septianingrum said.

Meanwhile, the application of carbon neutrality is not only intended to be limited to hiking, but is intended to apply to other activities in nature, said a prospective member of Mapala UI Raditya Anggoro.

“Carbon neutrality can also be applied to other types of natural activities, such as rafting. This can be done by paying attention to factors that generate carbon emissions, starting with travel planning,” said Bakalaya Project Deputy Chief. explained.

Meanwhile, seeing the potential for exotic natural attractions, the government has continued to promote the development of ecotourism to offset carbon emissions, especially in the tourism sector.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has launched the “Towards Climate Positive Tourism with Decarbonization and Ecotourism” programme, aiming to promote quality sustainable tourism activities that help reduce carbon emissions in the tourism sector. I am inviting guests.

The destinations of this program are Plataran Menjangan in West Bali National Park, Tembudan Berseri Berau Mangroves in East Kalimantan, Peramun Hill in Bangka Belitung and Krawal Mangrove Tourist Park in Sorong, West Papua.

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