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The Bahamas, Nassau – Felicia Sanders became an emergency medical technician and enrolled in the EMT course at the Bahamas Medical Learning Center when her father died after an emergency airlift to New Providence in 2020.

Eight months later, she and her classmates are working on amazing progress. The HealthProfessions Council does not approve school courses and students will not be able to obtain a license after completing the program.

According to Commissioner Matthew Edgecom, police are currently investigating what the police say is a scam that is retreating their ambitions and questioning the level of surveillance offered in the industry. ..

It is not clear whether the National Accreditation and Equivalency Council (NAECOB) has approved the Bahamas Medical Learning Center to provide people with preparations for the Bahamas’ health certification.

The agency is not listed as an accreditation body on the NAECOB website.

Dr. Richard Knowles, chair of the Health Professions Council, said yesterday that the council had previously rejected the application for approval of BMLC’s EMT program.

“The information I have has incomplete their application and has informed us of our position. That is, we have some concerns and we do not approve the program at this time. “He said.

“As you turned your attention to this issue, we need to collect information and conduct an investigation to refer to the findings to NAECOB, from which we need to make some decisions.”

Sanders, whose real name was withheld for fear of retaliation, said she and her classmates were attracted to BMLC because Facebook pages were “professional” and websites “looked legal.”

BMLC’s Facebook page is updated regularly to show stock photos. The website spotlights praiseworthy reviews from a woman named Tina.

The website offers at least eight courses, the institution was conceived by Dr. Elwood Rolle in 2003 and founded in 2006, with “10 people consisting of instructors, advisors and support team personnel. It is a team of members of. “

In the 2020-2021 class catalog, its director, Rolle, said, “A quality related medical training program designed to not only enrich students, but also to provide them with cutting-edge information. He said he had created an institution to “provide.”

Roll said Witness news Yesterday he would call back to discuss the student’s concerns. However, he did not return to the phone or answer the message before the press time.

After paying about $ 2,700 for the program, Sanders said it didn’t take long to realize something was wrong.

“Five months after the program, there were no materials,” she said.

“The class was always cut and the class was canceled without warning. The material was not available in a timely manner. We completed up to 12 of the 40 chapters in the book and the course is up to It was supposed to be 6 months. It wasn’t a professional.

“Not only did I not receive the materials, but when I started investigating the school, I found that the school was not registered with HPC.

“Every time a person graduates or completes EMT training, he or she must be eligible for HPC to be licensed to practice in the Bahamas, so take the course when he or she knows what is happening. I couldn’t get a license, even if I quit or finished it. “

In response to the student’s withdrawal from the course, Roll wrote in a letter on March 28, 2022 that the institution is ready to offer $ 1,000 in three installments.

“Please be aware that we are not in a position to provide a full refund due to the various costs incurred in the months that have passed (sic) in connection with the training of the EMT accredited course.”

He wrote them again on March 31, 2022, resumed the course, extended the period during which he could pay the unpaid fees, and gave each student $ 70 to enroll in the EMT-Basic certification exam nationwide. Proposed to provide.

“As the official test site of the American Medical Certification Association, we can provide internationally relevant medical career certifications to Bahamian students. BMLC will provide students in this class with (Medical Assistance, Bloodletting, Patient Care Technicians,). Or EKG Technician) Ready to offer one of the accredited courses, such as the Program, at a 25% discount. “

Roll also said the facility is ready to offer students 20% discounts on emergency medical care and advanced EMT training.

“We have taken the necessary steps to strengthen the areas of weakness in school management that contributed to the previous challenges of the EMT accredited course,” the letter said.

“We replaced our former coaching staff with new EMT instructors to ensure that the program runs more efficiently and that there are no last-minute cancellations.”

Saunders told Rolle that a $ 1,000 refund wasn’t enough.

“When I had to come up with basically $ 1,000 on the first day just to attend the course, I told him it wouldn’t work,” she said.

“That doesn’t work for me. I want to go to another course. Where can I find more than $ 2,000 to take another course in such a short period of time?”

“I was still waiting to see if there was a solution after going back and forth. It’s been three months and it hasn’t been resolved yet. It went to the police financial crime department. It’s like two different classes that have experienced this before filing a complaint. “

Sanders added: “We are all in a civil suit against him trying to get his tuition back. He has another class enrolled and has not yet been enrolled in HPC, so he needs to be published. “ Students demand money and action after taking an unregistered EMT course – Eye Witness News

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