Students return to Croatian roots

By Angela J. Krčelić, a Chicago gal and RIT Croatian graduate

Can you imagine studying at an American university in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities? RIT Croatia We offer it exactly in Dubrovnik, the southernmost part of Croatia, and in Zagreb, the capital of the country.

Dubrovnik is a destination that pleases visitors at a glance. The combination of the beautiful Adriatic Sea, fascinating landscapes and magnificent architecture can never make you indifferent. The stunning city of Dubrovnik, with its historic old town, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

RIT students and parents explore Dubrovnik

Valuing tradition and seizing new opportunities

Dubrovnik’s RIT Croatian campus is located in Dubrovnik 6 near Dubrovnik’s Old Town. The campus building houses local and international students, staff, and faculty. One of them is Sabina Wallace, a 22-year-old student from the United States.

Sabina is from the San Francisco Bay Area, but her mom is originally from Dugi Otok. Her mother always wanted Sabina and her brother to feel a connection with her Croatian roots, so she made sure they went on their annual trip to visit Croatia. did. Sabina’s brother was the first in the family to return to Croatia. He is a graduate of Zagreb’s RIT Croatia campus. After some of her family returned to Croatia to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle, Sabina studied in English and for the unique opportunity to obtain both Croatian and American degrees, the next purpose: I chose the RIT Croatian campus in Dubrovnik as the location. Sabina said when she was asked what was the best part of growing up in a multicultural family:

“Growing up in American and Croatian homes was always exciting and loud, but full of love, laughter, and delicious food. As a kid, I danced Croatian folk dance and” colo “for several years. It was a very enjoyable experience. Overall, multicultural development has made me a better, more open-minded person. I am grateful to her mother for ensuring her connection to the Croatian heritage. “

Students return to Croatian roots

Sabina attending an event in RIT Croatia

Life and study in Dubrovnik

Sabina quickly caught up with Croatian social traditions. Some of her best time she spent in Dubrovnik is sitting with her friends and chatting over coffee. As she said, it’s one of those activities that you can do for hours without knowing how much time has passed. During her summer she traveled to some of the most beautiful Croatian islands, Lokrum and Korcula.

Students return to Croatian roots

Sabina enjoying a boat ride in the Adriatic Sea

When asked about his student life in Dubrovnik, Sabina said:

“All classes and professors in Dubrovnik’s RIT are very kind and attractive and I look forward to the lectures. If there is a break between classes, I will sit down, have a coffee with my friends and catch up. Head to the student dormitory, have dinner at the Menza (student cafeteria), hang out with friends. Then go home and study on the balcony with beautiful views of the Dubrovnik hillside. Student life is very relaxing. And the pace is slow here. “

In her own experience, Sabina identifies the main differences between studying in the United States and studying in Croatia.

“The biggest difference is the size of American college campuses and students, and the size of RIT Croatia. Our classes are quite small and everyone knows each other. It’s more individualized. It is an experience that has been done and this establishes more trust between students and faculty.“”

Are you thinking of studying or living in Croatia?

After living and studying in Dubrovnik for four years, Sabina gave this advice to those considering moving to Croatia and enrolling in RIT Croatia.

“It’s a close community, people know each other, and the sense of that community is deeply rooted. I believe that caring for others is part of the culture and it’s very safe. That’s why studying at RIT Croatia is a unique experience and I’ve grown a lot as a person over the last four years. It’s worth it if you want to study in Europe and get an American degree. Before, I wish I had known that there was an adjustment period and homesickness at first, but if I have good friends around me, I can overcome it. “

Sabina’s future plans

Sabina plans to return to California with her family to find a full-time job. She plans to return to California to pursue her PR and marketing career, but she is not against returning to Europe in the near future. Sabina went on to say:

“RIT provides students with many employment opportunities in Croatia, the EU, and the United States, which allows them to experience new cultures and find the best jobs and industries for them.”

About RIT Croatia
RIT Croatia (Formerly ACMT) has offered the best American bachelor’s degree program in Croatia since 1997. With two campuses in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, it is the only university in the United States and the only higher education institution to award two diplomas. The student – ​​an American diploma awarded by RIT, and a Croatian diploma awarded by RIT Croatia. RIT Croatian graduates work all over the world. International students come from all over the world. Many of them come not only from Rochester’s main campus, but also from the Croatian diaspora community in cities such as San Jose, San Pedro, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York, Toronto, Mississauga, and Cleveland.Contact us for more information [email protected]

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