Studies show that the natural gas used in cooking may contain toxic chemicals

Researchers at Harvard University have sampled natural gas used for cooking in homes around the Boston Metro area and discovered nearly 300 chemicals. Twenty-one of them are known to be toxic to the human body.

Among the toxic compounds found is benzene, which is known as a carcinogen, and safe exposure levels are unknown. Researchers have also discovered toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, and hexanes. All of these are considered by the federal government to be harmful air pollutants.

Is the gas stove safe? Researchers led by Harvard TH Chan Public Health School published their findings in the journal Environmental Science and Technology on Tuesday.

After taking 234 samples from 69 homes, researchers found low levels of benzene in 95% of the samples. Benzene is associated with anemia, weakened immune system, and cancer.

Drew Mikanowich, a visiting scholar at the Center for Climate, Health and Global Environment and lead author of the study, said the presence of toxic chemicals requires further research, but is not yet worth the hassle. Inside the climate news..

Cook with gas: This study only measured the chemicals of the natural gas itself before burning, not whether the inhabitants were actually exposed to the compounds in the air after burning the gas into the stove.

Nevertheless, Boston Globe Other studies have found that methane can leak from the gas stove even when the power is turned off. Combined with the latest findings, it suggests “a new indicator of indoor air safety issues.”

In a statement released Tuesday, the American Gas Association stated that the natural gas industry regularly discovers trace amounts of volatile organic compounds during standard testing, but could leak into the room. According to screening levels, which claimed that the amount of benzene was “lower than a conservative health base,” and “a small portion of the typical background levels of benzene in outdoor and indoor air.” Inside the climate news..

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https://www./utah/2022/6/29/23188104/harvard-researchers-looked-for-toxic-chemicals-natural-gas-stoves-what-they-found Studies show that the natural gas used in cooking may contain toxic chemicals

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