Subtitle Creator: In Slovakia, Disney + is more successful than Netflix

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A new player has entered the Slovak market.

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Slovaks now have another opportunity to watch movies and series. Starting June 14th, you will be able to sign up for the new Disney + Streaming Service. The latest players are entering the market that has been occupied for many years by Netflix, HBO Max (until recently, up to HBO Go), Apple TV +, and Amazon Prime Video. When choosing a platform, content is not only an important aspect, but ideally Slovak subtitles.

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For the past decade, Michal Mojžiš has made a living by translating movies and series. He started with a Slovak agency working with Netflix. Today he’s the busiest on the Disney + deal, but he’ll also be working on a movie blockbuster.

“I created the Top Gun: Maverick subtitles last June. Given it for a month. It was a luxury. Take the time to dig into the military aircraft terms mentioned in the movie and consult. We were able to do it, with experts, “Mojžiš said in an interview with INDEX magazine.

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Prior to Netflix, many Slovaks downloaded movies and series in rapids and searched the web for Slovak subtitles. Were you among the volunteers making subtitles?

Yes, that’s how I started with subtitles. I’m a big fan of film and television series and volunteered to translate subtitles while studying at the University of Banská Bystrica. I learned English and culture, especially translation and interpretation. For me, creating subtitles was a combination of fun and useful things. When I graduated eight years ago, I got a job at a Slovak agency that provides Slovak subtitles to Netflix.

However, Netflix decided that Slovak subtitles were unnecessary, and it didn’t take long to switch to Czech. I lost my income, so I looked for a way to make a new living. I started working with foreign agencies and did everything from movie trailer subtitles to Blu-Ray media to proofreading finished subtitles.

Have you ever returned to a Slovak agency?

No, it wasn’t economically worth it. They will pay half of what the overseas agency offers. Currently, I only work with Slovak company CinemaArt, which provides subtitles to Slovak cinemas and distributes movies from studios such as Universal and Paramount.

This is how I got to work on the subtitles for the movie “Top Gun: Maverick”. Movie subtitles have the advantage of being well worth the money, and I usually have enough time to translate. The pressure is relatively high, with no fees paid by agencies using streaming platforms.

What are the conditions if I want to translate agency subtitles? Subtitle Creator: In Slovakia, Disney + is more successful than Netflix

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