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Sudanese authorities close Al Jazeera office under crackdown-Doha News

In a recent crackdown on media freedom, Sudanese coup leaders have closed one of Doha-based Al Jazeera’s offices in Khartoum.

The Ministry of Information and Culture of Sudan has revoked the license of the live channel “Al Jazeera Ram Basher” of the Al Jazeera Media Network. The ministry also closed the Khartoum office and withdrew work permits from journalists, including correspondent Mohammed Omar.

Al Jazeera journalist Al Wai Brahim shared an official statement about her twitter An account sent by the Ministry of Information and Culture to the director of the media network. The letter said the closure of the office was due to a motion for “non-professional methods and content broadcasting that jeopardize the country’s national security and higher interests.”

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according to Al JazeeraThis is the second time Sudanese authorities have closed the Khartoum Channel office. The first time was May 30, 2019, shortly after the channel aired a live broadcast of protests and anxieties that struck the country. Then, in late 2021, the Interim Military Council, which overthrew Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdock’s government a few weeks ago, withdrew and equipped the media network in addition to arresting Director Elmsalmiel Kabashi. Robbed.

Based on the Publication Law of the Year 2009The National Council on Press and Publication is the only body responsible for regulating, licensing and overseeing media activities.

It is also responsible for deciding to close foreign media agencies. That is, according to Sudanese law, the Ministry of Information and Culture is not allowed to carry out censorship measures.

“Therefore, Al Jazeera has the right to file an administrative appeal against this illegal decision,” the Preparatory Committee for the Restoration of the Sudanese Journalist Syndicate said in a statement released to the Sudan Tribune.

Since the military overthrew the interim government, the number of attacks on journalists has increased significantly in Sudan, with several arrests by security forces. This has also been linked to long-term internet power outages across Sudan, as the military has restricted access to people’s information.


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