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Sudanese continue to march against military rule

Thousands of Sudanese marched against the junta yesterday in Khartoum and other cities, and members of the exiled administration of former President Omar al-Bashir returned to government, a Reuters reporter said yesterday. Expressed concern.
According to Reuters witnesses, security forces in the capital, which repeatedly fired tear gas, stopped protesters trying to reach the presidential residence, more than a kilometer away from the building.
Some were injured or bleeding, while others were fainted on their bikes.
“Kill, kill, we are not afraid,” said some Khartoum protesters.
Others gathered in the nearby cities of Bari and Omdurman, as well as in the provincial capitals of Madani, Kassala and El Geneina.
In Khartoum and several other cities, there were more protesters than in recent weeks.
Since the October 25 coup ended the power-sharing arrangements that began in 2019, large crowds have regularly been on the streets calling for a return to civilian rule. According to medical personnel in line with the protest. Military leaders said the coup was needed as a corrective measure and the right to protest was protected, calling for an investigation into the deaths of the protesters.
Led by a nearby resistance committee, protesters demanded full military exit politics and accused the military of cooperating with members of the Bashir administration. “We came out today to gain civilian rule and prevent the return of Basir’s party members who were reappointed by (General Abdelfatta) Al Barhan. They want to regain Basir’s regime. “We are,” said Hassan Ahmed, a 41-year-old engineer.
Bassir was expelled by the military following the 2019 mass uprising and was replaced by a military and civilian power-sharing arrangement that ended after the October 25 coup.
Since then, the military has appointed some Bashir-era veterans to the interim government, seized the administration’s assets, and began reviewing the Task Force’s work in an attempt to remove members from civil servants.

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