Summer weather returns to Italy

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 5 – Summer weather is back in Italy. Days are still relatively long, with temperatures of 31 degrees in Sicily and Sardinia, 27 degrees in the Dolomites foothills, 24-26 degrees in the southern seas, sunshine everywhere, forecasters said Wednesday.

Meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici of the website confirms that this time of year is noticeably warmer and has become more frequent in recent years.

He said the next few days will continue to have summer-like temperatures, about 5 degrees above the seasonal average.

However, there will be frequent low clouds and fog in the north.

In the south, meanwhile, temperatures are expected to rise further, especially along the Adriatic coast, with clear skies expected at least until Saturday, Tedici said.

Over the weekend, however, the front currently lurking in the dunes of Algeria’s Erg Desert will move north, potentially worsening weather in Sardinia, Sicily and parts of the northwest.

Tedici said sunny weather could continue, but sporadic showers and cooler temperatures could change the weather again, saying it was too early to tell. (ANSA).

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