Suojellaan Lapsia, Protect Children ry Wins International Award for Campaign Against Sexual Exploitation

October 18th, EU Anti-Trafficking Day, at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden, 10 European civil society organizations received the Child10 award. SuojellaanLapsia, Protect Children, is one of his award-winning organizations selected from over 130 nominees across Europe.award recognize Suojellaan Lapsia, Protect Children ryInfluential work against trafficking and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children, presented by Her Majesty the Queen Queen Silvia Swedish.

according to UNODC Global Report When it comes to human trafficking, one in three victims of human trafficking is a child. Human trafficking now ranks as her third most profitable crime category in the world after drugs and weapons. All of the organizations honored and honored with this award today operate in extremely challenging environments in areas where resources are scarce and often hidden due to the nature of crime.

– Due to pandemics, the climate crisis, wars and ongoing conflicts, children today are more vulnerable than ever. Cooperation and impactful solutions are therefore paramount to protecting children and ensuring their rights. The organizations honored today demonstrate that it is possible to achieve a world in which no one is a victim of trafficking and exploitation, thereby helping citizens protect vulnerable children in both Sweden and Europe. Emphasizes its important role in society. Jacob FredChild10 Executive Director.

Child10 awardees have worked together throughout 2022 to identify best practices, develop effective and lasting solutions to joint challenges, and find a collective voice for stronger advocacy together. I was. They also receive capacity building support to develop their organizations and make their operations more efficient and sustainable. All winners will receive a prize of 100,000 SEK each from HM Queen Silvia’s Care About the Children Foundation.

– All of this year’s winners are dedicated professionals fighting human trafficking and child sexual exploitation in Europe. Her director of CATCH operations, Therese von Blixen-Finecke, said this is a very impressive group she has worked with for a year and is proud to be part of the network. .

“All our actions are grounded in a research-based, holistic methodology. Our ReDirection research – Finding and using child sexual abuse material and grooming children online The innovation and intervention for people is groundbreaking and today we have received over 20,000 responses in 20 different languages.Her Majesty Queen Silvia has recognized and rewarded our team’s efforts. I am honored and grateful.” says Nina Vaaranen-ValkonenExecutive Director, Senior Specialist, SuojellaanLapsia, Protect Children ry.

About Child10

Child10’s vision is a world free of child trafficking and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children. We believe change can be achieved through a comprehensive, children’s rights-based approach. We work with grassroots organizations and other stakeholders in the field to develop and advocate for strong and lasting solutions to ensure that the rights of all children are respected, protected and fulfilled. increase.

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About the HM Queen Sylvia Foundation – Care About the Children

HM Queen Silvia Foundation – Care About the Children works for a world where every child’s most basic needs are met. Our goal is to deviate from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and aim to provide every child with access to education and health care, ensuring their safety and well-being. In short, to let children be children! The Foundation works with well-established organizations on well-defined projects and in doing so helps the most vulnerable children in Sweden and around the world.

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Source: Protect the Children ry Suojellaan Lapsia, Protect Children ry Wins International Award for Campaign Against Sexual Exploitation

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