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Supermarket Carrefour says boycott the Qatar World Cup-Doha News

Despite an announcement by a French company, Israel will open its first branch on the illegally occupied West Bank, which has been accused of practicing apartheid. The Belgian national team sponsor says he will not receive the tickets assigned to the World Cup.

Carrefour, a French multinational company sponsored by Belgium, has stated that it will not use tickets for the FIFA World Cup on suspicion of human rights issues. Many other Belgian sponsors have stated that they also boycott the World Cup in Qatar.

Carrefour, along with ING Belgium, Cote d’Or, GLS and Jupiler Beer, states that they will not use the assigned tickets received as sponsors of the Belgian national team.

All boycott companies cite suspicion of human rights issues in the Gulf countries as the reason behind their decision.

However, these concerns do not prevent Carrefour from opening 10 branches in Qatar and operating for more than 20 years, which currently employs more than 2,000 people.

In a statement, Jupiler said “more can be done” to support Qatar’s human rights. “I believe this World Cup should not be used for commercial purposes,” GLS said.

As for ING, their logo remains behind the team’s training jerseys, boarding and press conferences.

The Jupiler statement is noteworthy given that AB InBev, the world’s largest brewery, produces Jupiler and sponsors the FIFA World Cup in Qatar through Budweiser.

The American beer company has not criticized Qatar’s human rights situation, but previously asked FIFA to investigate allegations of corruption surrounding Qatar’s contested 2022 World Cup bid.

Doha News has solicited comments from the Belgian Embassy, ​​the Royal Belgian Football Association and Carrefour, but is still waiting for a response.

ING said last week that it would not get tickets for the Dutch National Team’s World Cup match from the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) and would not advertise throughout the event. ING is the main sponsor of KNVB.

Other KNVB funders such as KPN, Albert Heijn, Bitvavo and Dutch Lottery have also chosen to abandon the option to join the Dutch national team at the World Cup later this year.

ING also states that it will not use World Cup images in its ads. “We are focusing on European women football “The Championship in England,” said an ING spokesman.

Hypocrisy: Carrefour spreads to Israel

Carrefour signed a memorandum of understanding to franchise Electra Consumer Products and Chains in Israel earlier this year.

The retail giant has about 13,900 stores worldwide, but Israel does not currently have one.

Their stores will replace Israeli retailers in illegal colonies such as Ariel and Mare Adumim in the occupied west bank Israeli colonies.

They want to run the first franchise in the occupied Palestinian territory by the end of 202. As part of its cooperation, the supermarket chain wants to run its first franchise in occupied Palestine by the end of 2022.

Israel killed At least 17 Palestinians on the occupied west bank since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

Labor reform in Qatar

Qatar is important Changes in the workforce For many years, including the region’s first non-discriminatory minimum wage in 2021.

According to the new rules, employers must pay a minimum monthly basic wage of 1,000 QAR, plus at least 300 QAR and 500 QAR of food and housing allowances, respectively. Anyone who violates the new law may face a year’s imprisonment and a fine of 10,000 Qatari riyals.

In addition, in 2020, the Gulf countries ended the region’s first infamous “Kafara” or sponsorship system.

Last year, a new website for worker complaints was introduced, allowing employees to report violations of public labor laws.

However, rights groups continue to point out the need for greater action by the authorities to ensure the implementation of the revised law.

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