Supermarkets in Hessen, Germany can now block admission to unvaccinated stores

The new Covid Healthpass Entry Rule, announced by the Central State of Hessen, has increased pressure on unvaccinated individuals by allowing all shops to implement so-called 2G rules on their doors.

2G regulations refer to public places where only vaccinated persons are given the option to enter.German geimpft) Or people who have recovered from Covid (Genesen). So far, half of the German states are allowed in certain public places such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs and cinemas.

Hessen’s government said it went one step further and decided to ban unvaccinated stores “at the request of the sector.”

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Implementing 2G rules allows shops to remove mask wearing rules and social distance rules.

“We expect this option to be used only on some days, and companies that meet everyday needs will not use it,” state leader Volker Boffier said on Tuesday.

The decision was made after a court in Frankfurt ruled in favor of a barbecue store that legally challenged the fact that 2G rules could not be implemented on the premises.

The court said in a ruling in early October: There was “a considerable legal reservation for the exclusion of dealers and similar facilities from the so-called 2G rules”.

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2G has proven to be controversial, with many complaining that it could rule out non-vaccinated people and increase social division over pandemic response.

Many places in the hospitality and entertainment sector 3G rules, This will allow you to enter if you can test negative for the Covid-19 test.

During the pandemic, German authorities excluded supermarkets and other grocery stores from most restrictions, such as blockages and immigration regulations, to ensure that everyone had continued access to their necessities.

As winter approaches, millions of German adults have not yet been vaccinated, and authorities have given them by making access to parts of public life more difficult or costly. I’m trying to increase the pressure.

Eight federal states allow businesses and event organizers to adopt the so-called 2G option. This means that only those who have recovered from vaccinated (geimpft) and Covid-19 (genesen) can enter, and those who have not been vaccinated cannot. Negatively tested (getestet) Covid.

Nationwide, the negative immunochromatography required to admit entry as an unvaccinated person is no longer free. The government states that the decision was made to reduce the tax burden on anti-pandemic measures.

Locals asked the Hesse government for comment.

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