Support for Hungarian ruling Fides plummeted

According to the Publicus Institute, Fides’ popularity has fallen by 12 percentage points due to events in recent weeks. Two-thirds of polls say the party broke election promises, and even their voters see the events of the last few weeks as austerity.

Survey by Publicus Institute

According to a survey conducted by the Publicus Institute (not an independent pollster) on behalf of Népszava, 80% of respondents believe they will reduce overhead costs and rebuild their SME tax (kata) system. As a result, 49% of the votes cast by Fides supporters agreed, writes..Victor Orban still told him Facebook page As overhead cuts continue on Tuesday evening, recent polls show that two-thirds (68 percent) do not believe in Fides, believing he has broken his election promise. ..

Did the ruling party Fides lie?

Fifty-eight percent of respondents said Fides’ claim that the Hungarian economy was strong and profits were sustainable was a lie, and 18% said it was a mistake. Equally noteworthy is the fact that 70% of respondents are not satisfied with the “national situation.” writes.. The current state of the Hungarian economy is very good, and only 2% of respondents said that 20% were pretty good, but 32% thought it was pretty bad and 45% said it was very bad. thinking about. This is clearly aided by the fact that respondents are aware of inflation of 44% on average.

serious problem

Respondents usually consider the following to be a serious problem:

  • Rising food prices (60%),
  • Utility price increase (57%),
  • Decreased purchasing power of pensions and salaries (49%),
  • Reduction of savings (43%),
  • General living expenses (30%),
  • Unemployment (8%).

With changes in overhead reductions (ie higher prices):

  • 25% of respondents agree
  • 10 percent agree
  • 48% disagree,
  • 14 percent disagree somewhat.

The majority expect gas and electricity consumption to exceed the grant rate. Of these, 61% showed gas and 81% showed electricity. On average, people perceive inflation as 44 percent. “War is more responsible for this, to a lesser extent, responsible for government economic policy,” said 31%. 34% said “government economic policy is more responsible and war in Ukraine is less responsible” and 29% said the two have “equal responsibility”.

Fides’ support is declining

Opinion polls say Fides’ popularity has fallen by 12% in a month, and all of this has already eroded Fides’ support. However, it was not the opposition that benefited from this, but the undecided camp expanded.

If the election is now held, 24% of all respondents will vote for Fides and 23% will vote for the opposition alliance. The two-tailed dog party (Kétfarkú Kutyapárt) and our hometown (Mi Hazánk) win 3-3%, the other party wins only 1%. The undecided share is 46%. Fides is 32% of certain voters and 31% of opponents. A surprising number of voters (79%) said they would definitely participate in the election. Report

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sauce:, Support for Hungarian ruling Fides plummeted

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