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Supreme Court grants SLP in NIA’s closed McCamasjid explosion

Hyderabad: A few months after the Supreme Court dismissed a petition for a warrant filed by relatives of two victims of the McCamasjid bombing who attempted to challenge Section 21 (5) of the National Investigation Authority (NIA) Act by the Terrangana High Court. Has taken a special vacation petition. We have sent a notification to the respondents.

Article 21 (5) of the law absolutely prohibits appeals after 90 days. In another criminal appeal, there was a delay of more than 90 days in prioritizing the appeal against the acquittal of the defendant in the McCa Masjid Blast case, also filed by the same appellant.

By order dated April 26, 2021, the Telangana High Court did not entertain the appeal. The court stated that the Supreme Court deals with essentially similar issues. It was after this that the relatives of the victim moved the Supreme Court.

By petition, the victim’s relatives require that Article 21 (5) of the NIA Act be declared to exercise authority, claiming that it violates Articles 14 and 21 of the Indian Constitution. ing.

Defenders of the petitioner SPrasanna alleged in the SLP that the first appeal “extinguished after the 90-day period expired / expired” due to the proviso. He is also SLP’s Sita Ramv. I quoted in the StateofUP that the importance of the appeal was recognized. He argued that the conditions deprived the court of the authority to tolerate the delay.

The bomb exploded at the McCa Masjid Complex on May 18, 2007. The explosion killed nine people and injured 58. Immediately after the explosion, the first Information Report (IPC) was registered in the relevant section of the Indian Criminal Code of the Husiniaram Police Station in the South Zone. Another FIR, registered a few days later, enforced the Illegal Act. In April 2014, a special NIA court in Hyderabad acquitted the accused.

https://www.siasat.com/supreme-court-admits-slp-in-the-nia-closed-makkah-masjid-blast-case-2252447/ Supreme Court grants SLP in NIA’s closed McCamasjid explosion

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