Supreme Court Judge Speech Highlights at Official Opening of Legal Year

Annual Red Mass on Sundays at St. Francis Cathedral Church.

– The Chief Justice thanked Sir Brian Morey for his three years of leadership on the Court and wished him all the best on his transition to the Court of Appeals.

– Judge Carolita Bethel will begin her pre-retirement term and will step down in April 2023.

– Justices Diane Stewart and Senior Justice Indira Charles will begin their retirements in August 2023.

– About 50 national and international applicants applied with interest to fill the vacancies of the five judges on the bench. An official statement will be sent to successful candidates to fill vacancies. Her two of the candidates will be assigned to the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Civil Affairs on February 1, 2023. She will be assigned to the Criminal Division on February 1, 2023. One, she will be assigned to the Department of Family Affairs on March 1, 2023. Justice fills the Northern Areas allocated to both the Criminal and Civil Divisions.

– Justices of the Peace Kara Turnquest and Charlton Smith will be promoted to Senior Justices of the Peace with effect until September 2022.

– Senior Judge Bernard Turner heads the Backlog Reduction Committee.

– Judge Deborah Fraser heads the Criminal Case Management Reform Commission.

– Judge Winder wants to set up a sex crimes court this year.

– Proposals were submitted to improve the terms of service for magistrates and registrars.

– A new magistrate’s court at Eight Mile Rock in Grand Bahama will soon open.

– New case management software introduced in December 2022. New software gives judges and attorneys access to case files.

– The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said the building was leaking again after repairs made just nine years ago and flooded the rooms on December 27, 2022. The building was built in 1921 and is 100 years old. It’s a building.

– The Court Services Bill will be submitted to parliament – ​​this will increase the independence of the courts.

– The Chief Justice closed his remarks in honor of the late Leto. Judge Roger Gomez, who died Monday. Supreme Court Judge Speech Highlights at Official Opening of Legal Year

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