Survey Link Gazprom Head and $ 240 Million Palace

A new study revealed Thursday that the head of Russia’s state-owned energy company Gazprom is associated with $ 3 billion worth of assets.

A collaborative study conducted by media outlet Proekt and a team working with Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny found that Gazprom’s chief Alexei Miller lived in many luxury real estate properties.

Many of these properties were owned by former special service officials, according to reporters.

Helicopter flight data linked Miller and his partner Putin’s former secretary Marina Jentalzewa to a luxury mansion in the Greenfield community in Moscow.

The complex is worth about $ 240 million and is one of the most expensive private homes in Russia.

The current owner of the mansion remains unknown, but until 2020, the building belonged to a company called Vladenie-V. The company was formally managed by two Russian special services. Sergey Trebub from the GRU Military Intelligence Department and Alexander Smirnov from the Federal Security Service (FSB).

Vladenie-V received a lot of money — at least 34 billion rubles [$596 million] — From Gazstroyprom, a contractor owned by Gazprom. The company also owns many luxury cars used by Miller and a complex at the Millerhof Palace near Moscow, worth an estimated $ 97.6 million.

Journalists also discovered that a Cyprus offshore company owned by Trebub’s nephew was used to transfer money from Gazprom to Vladenie-V.

“Gazprom is a miniature Putin Russia,” wrote Proekt founder Roman Badanin. Moscow Times editorial Thursday. “From the beginning of Putin’s rule, it became clear that Gazprom was a source of Putin’s own personal wealth. Alexei Miller, head of the company who had worked as Putin’s secretary for many years. A group of intelligence officers.

“The size of the expropriated country’s money is shocking.” Survey Link Gazprom Head and $ 240 Million Palace

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