Surviving Moscow sailors may face relocation – Novaya Gazeta

Surviving sailors of Russia’s sunken Moscow battleship may be redeployed in combat this month, the independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper report Tuesday.

Forty-nine conscripts rescued from Moscow were assigned to the Radney missile frigate, according to a letter stating that the outlet was created by the seafarers’ parents. They added that they were able to go out to sea soon on June 30, even though they had been promised to stay on land.

“Our children, recruiters, were already illegally involved in a special military operation on a Moscow cruiser and suffered mental trauma as a result of the accident,” Novaya Gazeta quoted the letter.

“We find it unacceptable to involve people who have experienced psychologically traumatic situations in combat operations.”

The letter was reportedly addressed to the Russian Presidential Human Rights Commissioner, the Crimean Peninsula military prosecutor, and the soldier’s mother’s NGO Commission.

The author expressed concern that Radney, commissioned by the Soviet Black Sea Fleet in 1981, was unsuitable for navigation and needed repairs, Novaya Gazeta reported.

The seafarers’ parents requested that Russia investigate its participation in rumors of a missile frigate, which it calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine.

The Mosqueva Guided Missile Cruiser is an elite ship of the Black Sea Fleet in Russia and was able to carry nuclear missiles with a maximum crew of approximately 510.

Moscow reportedly sank in the Black Sea on April 13 after being attacked by a Ukrainian missile. Russia, which said the ship sank due to an accidental fire on board, reported that one crew member had died and 27 were missing.

Independent media investigations have killed about 40 and injured 100 people.

President Vladimir Putin initially denied that conscription had been deployed in the Ukrainian campaign, but only admitted that conscription existed on the battlefield the next day. Surviving Moscow sailors may face relocation – Novaya Gazeta

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