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Suspect arrested after dozens of tires running out in a residential area-Doha News

The masked man was found in a residential area of ​​Doha with a surveillance camera slashing dozens of tires.

The Interior Ministry confirmed on Tuesday that a man who was seen stabbed in dozens of cars with a knife in CCTV footage shared with Doha News was arrested.

“The Criminal Investigation Department has arrested several car tires in the Muaisar area, who have been referred to the prosecution for further legal proceedings against him,” he said.

Residents on Tuesday told Doha News that the incident occurred at 3 am in a residential area in the capital’s Muaisar district.

Following the complaint, police have begun an investigation to identify previously unknown motives.

The incident caused anger on social media, and users immediately asked authorities to identify the culprit.

“His actions are completely unacceptable, but his actions may be the result of injustice or insults from his sponsors or high-income people thus forced to take revenge.” twitter The user said.

“This is very dangerous. Some of these people can explode on the highway, etc. It’s not a joke. It’s dangerous to life. Why?” Asked another.

“If they don’t catch him now, others will have the courage to do worse. They should find him right away,” said one user.

https://www.dohanews.co/suspect-arrested-after-dozens-of-tyres-slashed-at-residential-neighbourhood/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=suspect-arrested-after-dozens-of-tyres-slashed-at-residential-neighbourhood Suspect arrested after dozens of tires running out in a residential area-Doha News

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