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Suspension hits Twitter services in the US and Europe

Washington: Twitter experienced a widespread but seemingly short outage in parts of the United States and Europe on Thursday-a new turmoil in the company trapped in the battle for acquisition with Elon Musk. On the Downdetector website, outage reports surged around 8:00 am (Greenwich Mean Time 1200 o’clock) in the United States, and users reported service interruptions in France and elsewhere.

However, by around 1245, GMT’s reports of outages to Downdetector had diminished, and users were joking back to the social media platform about the turmoil. “I spent the most productive 30 minutes over the years. In irrelevant news, Twitter seems to have gone down for 30 minutes,” tweeted @joelyagar. Twitter did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Service outages on social media platforms occur on a regular basis, but large, long-term outages are not common. The service issue on Twitter arises when the company embarks on a legal battle with Musk over a move to escape the $ 44 billion takeover bid that has upset the company. After saying that Twitter would end it with issues including his claim that Musk hadn’t announced the number of fake accounts, he urged Musk to force the deal to close. – AFP

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/outage-hits-twitter-service-in-us-europe/ Suspension hits Twitter services in the US and Europe

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