Sweden “makes constructive progress” on issues with Turkey

Stockholm, June 10 (Xinhua)-The Swedish government is striving to make “constructive progress” with Turkey on Ankara’s opposition to Sweden’s participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Foreign Minister Ann Linde said on Friday.

“Our ambition is to make constructive progress on the issues raised by Turkey,” Linde said in a statement on the country’s new foreign policy released Friday.

In mid-May, Sweden and Finland submitted a NATO membership application. Parliaments of several NATO countries have already approved bilateral bids to join the military alliance, but Turkey quickly challenged the relationship between Sweden and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Finland. Quoting, the process proved to be less simple. And other groups Turkey label as terrorists as a concern. Ankara has also expressed dissatisfaction with Sweden’s arms embargo on Turkey.

In a statement on foreign policy, Linde made several statements intended to appease Ankara.

“Sweden is blaming terrorism on the strongest possible terms,” ​​Linde said. “A new strict terrorist crime law came into effect on July 1, and the government is preparing to further strengthen the terrorism law.” Said.

In her speech, she showed that Sweden may be prepared to reconsider the arms embargo on Turkey: “NATO accession also sets the conditions for the export of defense equipment within our national regulatory framework. May change. ” Sweden “makes constructive progress” on issues with Turkey

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