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Swedish court gives life to former Iranian officials in 1988 purge

Former Iranian official Hamid Nouriy was convicted of “serious crimes against international law” and “murder,” according to the Stockholm District Court.

Tehran dismissed the sentence of a former prison employee as “political.” (AFP)

In the first trial related to the mass death penalty, a Swedish court sentenced former Iranian prison employee Hamid Nouriy to life imprisonment for the crime committed during the 1988 requisition.

The Stockholm District Court said in a statement that 61-year-old Nourie was convicted Thursday of “a serious crime against international law” and “murder.” “The sentence is life imprisonment.”

According to the court, Nourie was a deputy prosecutor in a prison near Tehran at the time of the case.

“Investigations have shown that the accused joined the criminal act committee jointly and in collusion with others,” the court said.

“He, also known as the assistant prosecutor’s assistant, recovered the prisoners, took them to the committee, and took them to the execution site.”

Iran dismissed the court’s ruling as “political.”

“We strongly condemn this political statement, which consists of an unfounded, forged accusation of Iran and its judicial system and life imprisonment against Hamid Nouri,” Tehran said in a statement.

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“Serious crime”

The incident is related to the murder of at least 5,000 prisoners across Iran. The killings were to avenge the attacks carried out by the exiled opposition group Mujahedin (MEK) at the end of the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War.

Nourie was sentenced both for his role in the killing targeting MEK and for participating in a second wave directed at “left-wing sympathizers” who are considered to have abandoned their faith. The court said.

Accusations of “serious crimes against international law” related to the first wave and “murder” related to the second wave.

Throughout the nine-month hearing, Nourie was often theatrical and smiling, rejecting the testimony of the former detainee.

He claimed he was on vacation for the duration of the problem and said he was working in another prison. Nourie accused the accusation of a conspiracy by MEK to undermine Iran’s credibility.

Noury’s lawyer, Thomas Soderqvist, told Agence France-Presse that he was “disappointed.” “The judgment will be appealed,” Soderqvist added.

The proceedings, which have been proceeding since August 2021, have strained relations between Sweden and Iran.

Concerns have been raised about Tehran’s retaliation against Western prisoners, as two Swedish citizens are on death row and the main concern is Iranian and Swedish scholar Ahmadrezajarari.

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Source: AFP

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