Swiss hospitals near overload

Swiss hospital workers hoping to get back on their feet after the COVID-19 pandemic face a difficult reality. According to RTS, Swiss hospitals are nearing saturation due to severe staff shortages.

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A Swiss labor market survey released this week shows how serious the labor shortage is. According to a Jobradar survey, 3,000 vacant hospital vacancies were announced last month, with an estimated 7,500 such vacancies across Switzerland.

No shortage of beds. The problem, according to the director of the canton of Friborg, is finding enough health workers.

Some hospitals are increasing the number of trainees. But training people takes time, said one hospital director. Bienne Hospital has hired more people to start in the fall but still has 55 vacancies.

One option is to recruit staff in neighboring countries where wages are low and relatively high salaries can attract workers to Switzerland. However, one hospital director disagrees. For him, it is unethical for Switzerland to hire French or German staff. Switzerland needs to find ways to solve problems locally, he said.

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