Switzerland has the highest summer avalanche risk in decades

Summer doesn’t seem like an avalanche season, but alpine snow is dangerous at any time of the year.

Search and Rescue in Mauvoizan-Source: Valley Police

A nearby avalanche on Sunday, June 13, 2021 Moboy Shindam Someone was buried in the municipality of Valde Bagnes, including Verbier.

He said the avalanche occurred at 5 pm at an altitude of about 3,400 meters. Local police.. Another person on the scene contacted the ambulance crew.

A search involving state police, a local fire brigade, three Air Gracie helicopters, an avalanche dog, and a significant number of search personnel failed to find the victim, a 36-year-old local. ..

According to experts, the risk of an avalanche this summer is very high. The large amount of snow that falls in winter, coupled with the cold spring temperatures, means that there is an exceptional level of summer snow at certain altitudes.

According to snow scientist Robert Boronesi, who was interviewed by the RTS, this situation probably only happens every 20 or 30 years.

According to Boronage, these avalanches create very hard and compact sediments that are very helpful in digging up and finding victims.

About 15% of avalanche deaths occur in the summer, but some expect it to be less.

The best way to avoid avalanches in the summer is to choose trails that do not snow, usually on south-facing slopes or lowlands.

Avalanche deaths this summer only increase the number of deaths from unusually high avalanches in Switzerland in recent winters. By the end of March 2021, 27 people had died Swiss avalanche, 50% more than the average season.

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