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Syrian Opposition Praises Amir’s ‘Principled and Humane’ Speech on Syria at UN General Assembly – Doha News

Gulf states have repeatedly stated that they refuse to normalize with the Syrian regime because of human rights violations against the Syrian people.

The Syrian opposition has praised Qatari’s Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani’s “principled and humanitarian” speech on the Syrian crisis at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday.

“We have witnessed an eloquent example of how the Syrian issue is being treated from a principled, humane and morally sound perspective by putting the Syrian people at the center.” Qatar and was told doha news.

The Amir delivered a powerful speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York before world leaders and policymakers to hold Syrian war criminals accountable and speak out against a lack of action to end the suffering of the Syrian people. shed light.

More than a decade later, the Bashar al-Assad regime is still in power in Damascus, committing flagrant human rights abuses and massacring Syrians.

“In our region, the international community has failed to hold Syrian war criminals accountable. [are] perpetuate. And to further disillusionment, some are turning the pages of the tragedy of the Syrian people,” said Amir Tamim.

The Qatari leader added that the Syrian crisis represented “an important lesson on the consequences of a lack of long-term vision from proactive forces in the international community”.

Commenting on the Emir’s remarks, Dr Tolkiya praised the Qatari leader for pointing out that the international community has failed to hold the Assad regime accountable.

“Our core message remains the same and strongly resonates with what His Highness said in his speech. It deserves a solution that achieves,” said Dr. Turkiya.

Denial of normalization

Gulf states have repeatedly expressed their unwavering stance on refusing to normalize with the Assad regime for its crimes against Syrians. Qatar’s position has been praised at the global level, with several Arab countries favoring the Syrian regime.

A Syrian diplomat expressed hope that more members of the international community would adopt a similar position, stressing that the United Nations “cannot reduce the political solution to the drafting of the constitution”.

“Qatar’s position on Syria has always been advanced on the international stage, refusing to compromise the demands of the Syrian people and turning a blind eye to the heavy price paid,” Turkiya said. said Dr.

Qatar openly called It has supported Assad’s resignation since the start of the Syrian uprising in 2011, making him the first Arab country to do so. close the embassy in a war-torn country.

it also first time Establish a consulate for Syrian dissidents.

“The Syrian people appreciate the heartfelt devotion that His Highness has consistently shown to the Syrian cause,” said Dr Turkiya.

Last week, Sheikh Tamim told French outlet Le Point that the reason the Arab League suspended his membership in the Assad regime in 2011 for his crimes has been going on for more than a decade.

The past few months have seen Algeria’s efforts to restore the Syrian regime’s membership in the Arab League ahead of November’s summit in Algeria. The high-profile summit brings together the leaders of the Arab world.

“The Syrians have found Qatar’s sister country and its leadership on their side in an honorable, ethical and consistent manner. The Syrians will never forget this noble stance,” said Dr Tolkiya. rice field.

The Syrian envoy also joined the Emirs in welcoming football fans from around the world to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

“This competition demonstrates Qatar’s role in creating a world of friendship, a bridge of understanding and a world of shared humanity.

Assad’s crime

of Syrian Human Rights Network (SNHR) said at least 1,271 civilians, including 229 children, and 104 torture victims were killed in Syria in 2021 alone.

The United Nations Office for Human Rights estimates that more than 306,000 civilians have been killed in Syria over the past 11 years, and independent rights groups estimate the figure to be far higher.

according to united nationsas of March 31, there are 5,724,230 Syrian refugees.

https://dohanews.co/syrian-opposition-praises-amirs-principled-humane-speech-on-syria-at-unga/ Syrian Opposition Praises Amir’s ‘Principled and Humane’ Speech on Syria at UN General Assembly – Doha News

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