Syrians fight to survive an unprecedented economic crisis

Vulnerable Syrian family We warn the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) prior to the 6th Brussels Pledge Conference on Syria that urgent financial support is needed to survive the country’s debilitating economic crisis.

new discovery release According to today’s NRC, families across Syria are struggling to cope with their income rapidly losing value in the face of rising prices.

This has forced people to devise new survival strategies, such as eating less, selling fuel aid to buy food, burning old shoes to keep warm, and skipping emergency medical procedures. rice field.

“Vulnerable Syrians face another decade of hardship, but their suffering can be stopped by international political will. Although the humanitarian crisis in Brussels continues to attract the attention of the world, Donors and governments meeting in Brussels must not forget their commitment to Syria. The very survival of millions of vulnerable Syrians is how much money to meet their ongoing dire needs. Depends on the availability of. ” Karlsten HansenNRC Middle East Regional Director.

Of the more than 400 people surveyed by the NRC, only one in ten reported that they were able to meet the US $ 206 monthly requirement to cover food, rent, education and other necessities. Food is at the top of the list of needs and is one of the highest proportions for the majority of people interviewed individually by the NRC in 2022, with 87% having to skip meals to meet other living expenses. It states that it will not be.

LanaEarning US $ 10 worth of a week-long babysitter in northern Syria * says: Replaced olive oil and rice with cheaper alternatives. You may have to cancel your generator subscription because you can’t find the money. I would rather buy milk and diapers for my baby. I have one child left at school, but I may have to take him out soon. I can’t keep up with the cost. “

The crisis in Ukraine has already deepened the crisis of chronic food insecurity, affecting refugee Syrians in and around the country.

Living conditions are very harsh, as we have never seen. £ 2,000 used to buy key essentials – now you don’t get anything. If you can find it, £ 50,000 will not cover you for a day. ” Said Sahar*, 6 mothers living in the suburbs of Damascus.

When asked about long-term solutions to get out of the crisis, Syrian families said that more jobs would be created and cash aid would be provided, along with food aid to offset rising food prices. I told NRC that I wanted it.

The NRC warns that Syria is off the priority list of international funding and diplomatic efforts. The organization is calling on donor meetings at the Brussels Pledge Conference to maintain existing levels of humanitarian assistance for emergency response, including cash-based assistance. Donors should also increase funding for the recovery and early recovery of public services in Syria, such as the water, health, agriculture and education sectors.

Source: Norwegian Refugee Council Syrians fight to survive an unprecedented economic crisis

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