Tainan Museum displaying portraits from British galleries

Tainan, July 1st (CNA) The Chimei Museum, located in Tainan, southern Taiwan, is the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) in London, a portrait of an important Englishman collected by the gallery since it was founded over a century ago. We will hold an exhibition to exhibit. The museum announced on Friday.

The Chimei Museum said in a press release published Friday that the exhibition entitled “Icons & Identities: Masterpieces of Portraiture” was the first collaboration with NPG.

Since 1856, the NPG has housed and accumulated portraits of famous and important British people, the Chimei Museum said.

The museum says that the NPG’s collection currently has about 215,000 pieces, and for the first time in the history of the gallery, many of the national treasure-level artworks have been able to leave Britain.

The reason is that the gallery was closed for refurbishment until 2023 as part of NPG’s Inspiring People project.

Scheduled to begin on August 27, the show celebrates the museum’s 30th anniversary with portraits of historical figures such as the British playwright William Shakespeare and contemporary figures such as singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and the Chimei Museum. The icon will be exhibited. Said the museum.

According to the museum, Shakespeare’s portrait is NPG’s first collection.

According to the Museum of Bizarre, this painting may be the only portrait of Shakespeare by an artist who saw the great writer in person, and later generations of playwrights referred to by those exhibited at NPG. He pointed out that there are many portraits of.

Sue Chiachan, a curator at the Chimei Museum, said the exhibition would provide Taiwanese people with a glimpse of important British figures without leaving Taiwan.

He also begged future visitors to visit his museum Website To get more information about the show and while the promotional ticket transaction is still available.

The Icons & Identities: Masterpieces of Portraiture show will be held from August 27, 2022 to February 28, 2023 in the special exhibition hall of the Chimei Museum. Tainan Museum displaying portraits from British galleries

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