Taipei Symphony Orchestra premiere of “Taipei” at New Arts Center

Taipei, July 16 (CNA) According to the Taipei Symphony Orchestra, the symphony commissioned in 2015 for the new Taipei Performing Arts Center will premiere in August during the venue’s official opening season.

The piece, entitled “Taipei,” will be composed by Chen Nan-chan and performed by the Taipei Symphony Orchestra, led by conductor Chen Wen-Ping (Simplified Akira), on August 7. Thursday’s statement.

The symphony evokes aspects of Taipei’s development and festivities over the years, said Chien Nan-chang, 74, who won the 2005 National Art Award.

“I grew up in Taipei, I grew up in Taipei,” he said. “My life is closely related to Taipei.”

The developments he painted for music included the Tamsui River’s Bunka and Dadaocheng areas, as well as the landmark Taipei 101 skyscrapers, and the festival was a dragon boat race and a local religious event. ..

According to the orchestra, a movie in Taipei will be screened during the world premiere of the symphony at the new Taipei Performing Arts Center in Shilin District of the city.

According to the orchestra, the film was made by director Shen Koshan (Shin Kao) and award-winning cinematographer Shea Xiao Yu (Natsu Shoei).

The orchestra also said it plans to release digital and CD recordings of Chen Nanchan’s symphonies on August 1st.

The Taipei Performing Arts Center, which began construction in 2012, opened for a test run in March after the project was unexpectedly delayed for years.

According to the website, the Art Center will officially start its opening season on July 2nd and will host more than 70 performances in the next three months. Taipei Symphony Orchestra premiere of “Taipei” at New Arts Center

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