Taipei will reuse financial gifts for seniors next year

Taipei, July 13 (CNA) The Taipei City Government announced on Wednesday that it will reintroduce a financial gift to seniors at the Double Nine’s Festival, which was canceled in 2016 after the inauguration of Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je in 2014. did.

From 2023, Taipei citizens over the age of 65 will receive a monetary payment of NT $ 1,200 (US $ 40) to the festival in honor of the elderly. This has been reduced from the past NT $ 1,500. Press conference.

Meanwhile, Taipei City seniors aged 65 and over in low-income and low- and middle-income households will receive NT $ 1,500, and those over NT $ 10,000 aged 99 and over will receive NT $ 10,000, Huang said, and the city government will pay. He added that he would allocate NT $ 620 million to. Every year.

When the last payment was made in 2015, a year after Ko was elected Mayor of Taipei, seniors in Taipei between the ages of 65 and 98 received payments of NT $ 1,500 to NT $ 5,000.

In April 2016, Kai excluded seniors in the high- and middle-income groups from cash payments, and because they needed to spend money to pay welfare benefits and something more specific to them, Caused widespread dissatisfaction among them.

Last November, the Taipei City Council passed an ordinance that cash payments should be reinstated. Ko appealed the case, but was rejected by the city council.

Earlier this year, the Taipei City Government notified the Executive Yuan of the ordinance, hoping it would invalidate the rule, but it didn’t help.

In June, the Executive Yuan replied that the rule did not violate the Constitution or other related laws and called on the Taipei City Government to allocate a budget to resume cash payments for the Chongyang Festival. Taipei will reuse financial gifts for seniors next year

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