Taitung University Opens Doctoral Program in Austronesian Studies

TAIPEI, Aug. 6 (CNA) Taiwan’s National Taitung University (NTTU) launched the program earlier this month, making it the first higher education institution in the country to offer a PhD in Austronesian culture.

The school’s Austronesian Studies Graduate School applied to the Ministry of Education last year to establish a doctoral program, and the application was approved, said Chen Ying-ju, a media officer at the NTTU Austronesian Cultural Center. rice field.

The new program was introduced on August 1 at a ceremony hosted by NTTU President Tzeng Yew-min.

The institute has been offering master’s programs since 2003 and has built up a strong faculty team, so the time is ripe to launch a doctoral program, Chen said.

In the program’s first year, the institute recruited three Taiwanese students and one foreign student, Chen said, adding that classes are taught in English.

Taitung County is the most diverse in Taiwan, home to seven indigenous peoples of Austronesian descent: Ami, Paiwan, Bunun, Rukai, Pinuyumayang (also known as Puyuma), Yami (Tao) and Kavalan. region. A term of Austronesian culture, it offers students the opportunity to apply their research to real-world scenarios and take a closer look at how indigenous groups grapple with contemporary challenges, says Cheng. I got

The doctoral program will place particular emphasis on recruiting students from the 18 countries covered by the government’s New Southern Policy (NSP), thereby strengthening NTTU’s exchanges with those countries and further internationalizing the school. , will increase its influence in the international community, Chen said. .

NSP aims to strengthen ties with 18 countries including Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Taitung University Opens Doctoral Program in Austronesian Studies

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