Taiwan advances to next round of PONY Bronco World Series

KAOHSIUNG, July 31 (CNA) Taiwan’s baseball team advanced to the next round of the PONY Bronco World Series, defeating the host team in Laredo, Texas, to move to the top of the winner’s bracket.

The Taiwanese players, mostly 11- and 12-year-old boys from Kaohsiung’s Zhongzheng Elementary School, won their second tournament victory after defeating the Laredo Texas team 18-0 on Sunday, 7-5. I was. Dominican Republic on Friday.

Four hits by Chen Qingyao and runs by several other Taiwanese players gave the team an 18-0 victory over Laredo, who made many defensive errors. I made it.

The Taiwanese team gained strong support from Taiwanese expats who traveled from Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and other parts of the United States to join their compatriots in Laredo in cheering for the Kaohsiung players. I got

In a post-game interview, Chen said that the cheers of the crowd gave him a big boost, and he was very careful about how he interacted with the pitcher.

On Sunday, Jhong-Jheng Elementary School’s principal, Wu Hsuan-min (吳建明), told CNA that the team struggled in Friday’s first match against the Dominican Republic.

But after a few days of acclimatization, the Taiwanese team came in full gear on Sunday and won a commanding victory, Wu said.

Taiwan’s players on Monday will face the team that emerged at the top of the loser’s bracket, with a win to advance to the championship game.

Aimed at players 12 and under, the PONY Bronco World Series will be held at the ME Benavidez complex in Laredo, with teams from the Pacific Rim, Caribbean, Mexico and the United States. Taiwan advances to next round of PONY Bronco World Series

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