Taiwan calls on China to adjust draconian COVID-19 policies amid protests

TAIPEI, Nov. 29 (CNA) Taiwan urges China to respond to people’s demands by changing tough and excessive COVID-19 restrictions following recent mass protests in China rice field.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), Taiwan’s supreme government agency that deals with relations with China, called the protests peaceful and reasonable, while respecting protesters’ freedom. I asked the Chinese government to handle it.

Protests erupted in China against the government’s draconian zero-tolerance COVID-19 policy after a massive fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, on Nov. 24 reportedly delayed rescue efforts due to restrictions. .

According to MAC, the world, including Taiwan, is closely following the protests currently unfolding in China, with more people complaining about the excessive restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

He called on the Chinese government to gradually change its strict quarantine rules so that people can return to normal life.

MAC also called on Taiwanese in China to pay close attention to protests and personal safety.

After the apartment fire, protests spread across China, including the capital Beijing, Shanghai and many university campuses, with protesters holding white papers and chanting “Resign Xi Jinping! Resign Communist Party!” is. .”

The protests have also led to arrests and crackdowns by Chinese authorities, according to multiple international media reports. Taiwan calls on China to adjust draconian COVID-19 policies amid protests

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