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Taiwan conducts air raid exercises under tension with China

The Taiwanese capital staged air raid training, and its troops were mobilized for regular defense exercises, consistent with concerns about China’s response to the possibility of a visit by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the five-day “Hankuan” wargame takes lessons from the Ukrainian conflict and simulates “all possible actions” that China can take to invade Taiwan. (Reuters archive)

Roads were emptied as the island prepared for a Chinese attack, and people were ordered to stay indoors for air raid exercises in parts of Taiwan, including the capital Taipei.

A siren sounded at 1:30 pm (Greenwich Mean Time 0530) on Monday, and a compulsory street evacuation drill was held to effectively close towns and cities in northern Taiwan for 30 minutes.

A text message was sent asking for an immediate and safe evacuation.

Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je said, “We need to prepare for the war.”

China claims to have democratically ruled Taiwan as its territory and has never denied forcibly seizing Taiwan. Taiwan rejects China’s claim of sovereignty and vows to protect itself.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has renewed discussions on how best to respond in the event of an attack in Taiwan as China’s military exercises around the island are intensifying.

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I’m nervous

“In recent years, Chinese military aircraft have frequently harassed Taiwan, and even the Russian-Ukraine war broke out in February. These incidents require us to be vigilant in peacetime. It reminds us, “said Ko.

In Taipei, police instructed vehicles to move to the side of the road and passers-by were told to look for shelters. Shops and restaurants have released shutters and turned off lights to prevent them from being targeted during night attacks.

Firefighters practiced extinguishing the fire caused by a missile attack. After 30 minutes, the siren sounded and everything was clear.

Regular air raid training is required by law in Taiwan.

Street evacuation drills will be held this week in other parts of Taiwan. The exercise has been canceled for the past two years due to Covid-19.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said strengthening defense was a top priority and only the people could decide the future.

Concerns over China’s intentions towards Taiwan have heightened tensions with the United States. The United States is bound by US law to provide a means of protecting its own country, even if it does not recognize the island as another country.

China has stepped up warnings to the Biden administration about the possibility of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan, according to a foreign ministry spokesperson.

A spokesman for Zhao Lijian also said in a daily media briefing that the Chinese side would take “strong” steps as the visit progressed.

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Source: Reuters

https://www.trtworld.com/asia/taiwan-carries-out-air-raid-exercise-amid-tensions-with-china-59142?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss Taiwan conducts air raid exercises under tension with China

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