Taiwan lawmakers accuse Beijing of military exercises

Wang Ting-yu, a Taiwanese lawmaker, said it would be considered an invasion if the Chinese navy intruded into Taiwan’s territorial waters while Beijing was conducting military exercises off the coast of the island.

Ting Yu, a member of Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Commission, said the island respects democracy, freedom and human rights, which gives it confidence and strength to deal with external dangers.

“We don’t want military conflict, but if China dares to launch an invasion of Taiwan, they will pay a price they cannot pay,” warned Ting-yu. did.

“China launched 11 missiles at Taiwan from three different locations a short distance from the island, the first since 1996 when China launched missiles at Taiwan. But I am confident the situation is under control,” he added.

“China’s military threat is real, tangible, and huge. No matter who visits Taiwan, China threatens us every day with its military,” Tingyu said before Nancy Pelosi’s visit. added that Chinese aircraft crossed the air defense area of ​​the island. .

Chinese military incursions within 10 miles of Taiwan’s coast would almost certainly trigger defensive measures by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, increasing the likelihood of a miscalculation leading to military conflict.

Chinese military expert Zhang Xuefeng told the CCP-affiliated Global Times on Wednesday that China has sovereignty over the island and that Taiwan’s territorial waters are also Chinese territorial waters.

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