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Taiwan sees China training, economic retaliation amid ‘terrible’ Pelosi tour

China has denounced U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island nation as a threat to peace in the Taiwan Strait, conducted a series of military exercises, and announced the suspension of some agricultural imports from Taiwan.

China expressed anger at U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, calling it a provocation that threatened the fragile cross-strait situation. (Reuters)

China’s military exercises surrounding Taiwan threaten the island’s main ports and urban areas, the defense ministry in Taipei said.

“The Ministry of Defense is closely monitoring and enhancing its preparedness and will respond appropriately at the appropriate time,” Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

“The military will definitely stick to its position and protect national security.

It added that the exercise was “an attempt to unilaterally undermine regional peace and stability by threatening key ports and urban areas.”

Taiwan said “this move does not serve China’s international image” and vowed to “strengthen” its defenses and provide a decisive response amid heightened tensions across the strait.

Authorities on the island looted Beijing’s military post just hours after China flew 21 military planes into Taiwan’s air defense area.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has said Taiwan will “not back down” as an enraged China prepares for military exercises in retaliation for US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

“In the face of a deliberately heightened military threat, Taiwan will not back down.

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Beijing’s retaliation

Chinese leaders have expressed anger at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, calling it a provocation that threatens the fragile cross-strait status quo.

In response, China announced a series of live-fire military exercises around Taiwan, and the Eastern Theater Command said it would “conduct joint air and sea exercises in the northern, southwestern, and southeastern waters and airspace” of the island. Stated.

The training includes “long-range live fire” in the Taiwan Strait, which separates the island from mainland China.

At some point, China’s operating area reaches within 20 kilometers of Taiwan’s coastline, according to coordinates shared by the PLA.

Beijing sees Taiwan as its own province, and promises to one day occupy it by force if necessary.

Amid the growing danger of conflict and miscalculation, Taiwan’s outmatched officials are determined to keep the public calm.

Taiwan’s cabinet said the military had raised its alert level and authorities would make plans to ensure security and stability around the island.

The public should be reassured, he said, and the stock market’s National Stabilization Fund will monitor the situation closely and respond in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, Beijing’s Ministry of Commerce also announced retaliatory economic measures, saying it would suspend exports of natural sand to Taiwan.Natural sand is important in the manufacture of semiconductors, one of the island’s main exports. is an element.

China announced that it would stop importing citrus fruits, chilled hairtail and frozen horse mackerel from Taiwan.

Beijing said it would take disciplinary action against two foundations in Taiwan, banning them from cooperating financially with mainland companies and individuals, said Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for China’s Taiwan Bureau.

The two foundations are the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and the Taiwan Foundation for International Cooperation and Development, Ma said.

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perocion chip industry

Earlier Wednesday, Pelosi thanked Taiwan’s president for his leadership and called for greater cooperation between Congresses.

“I applaud Taiwan for being one of the freest societies in the world,” Pelosi told the Taiwanese parliament.

She also said that new US legislation aimed at strengthening the US chip industry to compete with China “provides greater opportunities for economic cooperation between the US and Taiwan.”

Although the Chinese government considers Taiwan an independent province, Taiwan has maintained its autonomy since 1949 and maintains diplomatic relations with at least 14 countries.

Exchanges between Washington and Taipei have grown significantly since the tenure of former US President Donald Trump, with former and current lawmakers visiting the island of more than 25 million people.

The United States formally recognized China in 1979, transferring diplomatic ties from Taipei to Beijing and accepting Taiwan as part of the mainland under Washington’s “One China” policy.

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