Taiwan’s top missile development officer found dead in hotel amid China-Taiwan tensions: report

A high-ranking official from Taiwan’s missile development team was found dead in his hotel room on Saturday. China-US tensions over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwanaccording to media reports.

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The Jerusalem Post, citing a Central News Agency report, said Ou Yang Li-hsin, the deputy director of Taiwan’s defense ministry’s research and development department, was found dead in his hotel room early Saturday morning. rice field.

According to CNA, he was on a business trip to Pingtung in southern Taiwan. He died of a heart attack and there were no signs of a “break-in” in his hotel room, officials claim, according to The Jerusalem Post. That’s what his relatives said, and what they always knew about him.

CNA and The Jerusalem Post report that Taiwan’s state-run NCSIST is currently testing live-launched missiles at Jiufeng military installations in the south of the country.

The U.S. House Speaker’s visit to Taiwan this week has sparked fierce controversy around the world.

China has launched a live-fire missile it claims is part of its territory during the largest military drills in history since its visit to the island nation.

Following US Congressman Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China continued its second day of military training and exercises in the region.

China’s defense ministry said on Saturday that Chinese aircraft and ships were seen near the Taiwan Strait, simulating an attack on Taiwan’s main island, adding that some of them breached the central line.

“If they really care about peace and stability in the region, why did they come to the fore early to block Pelosi’s provocative visit to Taiwan? Why did they make another move in the first place? Didn’t they take it? For the sake of sovereignty and territorial integrity, China’s countermeasures are justified, necessary and appropriate, and never excessive,” the spokesman said.

Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan was postponed to April when she tested positive for COVID-19.

(with input from ANI) Taiwan’s top missile development officer found dead in hotel amid China-Taiwan tensions: report

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