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The Bahamas, Nassau-National Security Minister Wayne Munro said the Ministry of Labor will attempt to destroy buildings in the favela that are not subject to the 2018 Supreme Court’s injunction banning such actions.

Munro answered questions about critics who contrasted the government’s aggressive actions against slums in the royal territory of western New Providence with their attitude towards slum dwellers.

When Judge Cheryl Grant Thompson of the Supreme Court issued an injunction against such a proceeding in August 2018, the minis administration’s aggressive actions to destroy shantytowns across the country struck a wall. Completion of the issue is pending.

In April, Labor Minister Alfred Sears said the Cabinet was waiting for a report on an unauthorized building on Abaco’s public land as it decided on its next step in the shantytown.

Munro’s comments are the first hint of what the Davis administration will do.

Meanwhile, he has a 14-day countdown for royal occupants to leave deforested land in the Carmichael Road area, where more than 500 acres of protected trees have been illegally logged. I repeated that.

“The royal territory belongs to the government,” he said. “Private land belongs to private homeowners. If you allow people to crouch on your property after 12 years, they will own it. That’s what the Bahamian federal law says. The favela that I have come to understand is on the leased land of a private owner.

“The problem the government has in shantytowns is illegal buildings that violate the relevant laws. The Ministry of Labor went to demolish assets. There was an injunction. In my understanding, the Ministry of Labor was an injunction. We will continue to try to demolish all illegally constructed assets that are not covered, but we do not own private land.

“People own the royal territory and, as we are instructed, we do not allow people to crouch on public land. In the case of public land, it has not yet come 1997-60 years. It will be important to protect the property of the Bahamian people, as they will have to crouch for 30 years. “

During a tour of the Carmichael Road area last week, reporters met a family living in remote areas, including two on a school bus and one on a trailer.

Munro said he had contacted the Ministry of Social Welfare to help his family. But he said the group wanted and had to accept help because they weren’t exempt from government crackdowns.

“I have already advised their social welfare. It is they who seek social welfare support. You cannot ask people for help. They will be available. If they pick it up, they will. Pick it up. If they don’t pick it up, they won’t pick it up, but they like that everyone else who trespasses has to move. “

“I’m surprised that some people even think it makes sense to go out and occupy what they like,” he added. “Imagine if 400,000 people decide to occupy an acre of land in New Providence? It’s just nonsense and we won’t allow it to continue.”

“The Bahamas Defense Force would have been the first oversight agency. They will be the agency for planning to fulfill the government’s aspirations. There are many sites targeted for intelligence and New Providence. Has two other sites, Andros, Abaco, and Grand Bahamas. When you do, we’re waiting for expert advice on how to do it, but when you do, you’re not there. It ’s wise. ”

Attorney General Ryan Pinder was asked yesterday about the government’s move to demolish buildings in a favela that are not subject to the Supreme Court’s injunction, saying, “What action will be taken will be consistent with the court’s ruling.” Stated. Take no action against shantytown buildings that have not received an injunction – Eye Witness News

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