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Taliban dissolves Afghanistan’s election commission

A Taliban government spokesman said the Afghanistan Independent Election Commission, which oversaw the polls of the previous administration, is “not needed.”

According to the Commission’s website, the IEC was established in 2006 to manage and supervise all types of elections, including the President. (AP archive)

The Taliban dissolved the Afghan election commission. This was the committee that oversaw polls during the previous Western support administration.

Taliban government spokesman Bilal Karimi announced on Saturday.

“These committees exist and do not need to be run,” Karimi said, referring to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Election Complaints Commission.

“If we feel the need, the Islamic Emirate will revive these committees,” he added.

Karimi said authorities have also dissolved two government departments this week, the Ministry of Peace and the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.

The Taliban had already closed the women’s ministry of the previous administration and replaced it with the Ministry of Propagation and Discipline.

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Election supervision

Taliban Seized power in August As a government with Western support that was blown up in the final stages of US military withdrawal.

According to the Commission’s website, the IEC, founded in 2006, is obliged to manage and supervise all types of elections, including the president.

“They made this decision in a hurry … and the dissolution of the committee would have great consequences,” Aurangzeb, who led the panel until the collapse of the previous administration, told Agence France-Presse.

“I’m 100% sure that if this structure doesn’t exist, elections won’t take place and the Afghan problem will never be solved,” says Aurangzeb, who goes by just one name, like many Afghans. rice field.

Taliban Put pressure on the international community With the suspended aid recovering billions of dollars, this time we promised a milder rule.

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Source: AFP

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