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Taliban forces “chili spray” females demanding rights in Kabul protest

Protesters gathered near Kabul University to demand “equality and justice” said they were dispersed by Taliban fighters arriving at the scene in several cars.

The Taliban frequently intervene to ban unauthorized protests and force the dissolution of women’s rights-demanding rallies. (Reuters)

The Taliban army “fired a pepper spray” on a group of women working in the capital of Afghanistan and female protesters demanding the right to education.

About 20 women gathered in front of Kabul University on Sunday to advocate “equality and justice.”

They were raising a flag stating “Women’s rights, human rights”.

However, the protests were later dispersed by Taliban fighters arriving at the scene in several vehicles, three female protesters told Agence France-Presse.

“When we were near Kabul University, three Taliban vehicles came and a fighter from one vehicle used us a pepper spray,” named for security reasons. The protester who asked not to do so said.

“My right eye started to burn. I said to one of them,” I’m ashamed of you, “and he pointed his gun at me. “

Two other protesters said one of the women had to be taken to the hospital after the spray caused an allergic reaction to her eyes and face.

AFP correspondents saw a fighter confiscate the man’s cell phone that was filming the demonstration.

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Restrictions imposed

Since taking control of the country in August, Taliban authorities have imposed restrictions on Afghanistan, especially women.

Hardline groups banned unlicensed protests and frequently intervened to disband rallies demanding women’s rights.

Taliban authorities have prevented female public sector employees from returning to work, many secondary schools have not yet reopened for girls, and public universities have been closed.

Long-distance travel by females without male close relatives is prohibited.

Authorities have also issued guidelines to prevent television channels from broadcasting serials featuring female actors.

Meanwhile, many women live in their first positions of power between 1996 and 2001, before being expelled by a US-led aggression, for fear of a notorious government for human rights abuses.

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Source: AFP

https://www.trtworld.com/asia/taliban-forces-pepper-spray-women-demanding-rights-in-kabul-protest-53717?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss Taliban forces “chili spray” females demanding rights in Kabul protest

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