Taliban opens high school for girls today

Kabul, March 23: The Taliban allowed girls to return to high school from Wednesday, ending uncertainty about whether Islamic groups would allow full access to girls’ education.

Teenage girls will return to the classroom after being banned after Islamic costumes came to power last August. Since taking power, the Taliban have retreated women’s rights in virtually all areas, including destroying women’s freedom of movement. The United Nations establishes a formal relationship with the Taliban administration’s Afghanistan.

The majority of girls’ secondary schools have been closed. The university has recently reopened and new segregation rules have been established. However, many women are unable to return, as the Taliban has banned women from most jobs, and the careers they studied are currently off limits.

“Afghanistan’s critical time when schools and universities will reopen shortly after winter vacation. UNAMA talked with Mawlawi Abdul Baki Haqqani yesterday about higher education. The importance of guaranteeing freedom was emphasized, “the UN mission in Afghanistan said in a tweet.

Heather Barr, a former senior researcher in Afghanistan at Human Rights Watch (HRW), said opening a girls’ secondary school is very important.

According to HRW, some medical facilities require you to bring a mafram, so women and girls do not have access to medical care. Women and girls facing violence reportedly have no way out if the abusers can only escape by escorting them.

Enrolling girls in schools and other educational institutions is one of the major demands of the international community.

The majority of countries have refused to officially recognize the Taliban in concerns about the treatment of girls and women. And other human rights issues. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday welcomed plans to announce that the Taliban will reopen schools for girls and boys.

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