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Tanmiah Food Company Signs Strategic Partnership to Expand Poultry Production Capacity by Tyson Foods

Riyadh — US-based Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE: TSN) and Saudi Arabia-based Tanmiah Food Company (“Tanmiah” as part of an ongoing effort to meet growing global demand for proteins. Or “Company”, Saudi Arabia Exchange 2281)) Signed a strategic partnership agreement. The parties to the agreement are Tyson Foods and Agricultural Development Company (ADC) and Tanmia’s wholly owned subsidiary, Supreme Foods Processing Company (SFPC).

Tyson Foods is one of the world’s leading food companies and is recognized as a protein leader. Meanwhile, Tanmia, the first company founded 60 years ago, is one of the largest providers of fresh, value-added poultry and other meat products, animal feeds and health. A franchise operator of products and fast food brands, it plans to produce more than 1 million birds per day by the end of 2025. The ADC operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Through ADC, we manufacture fresh food and sell it to providers and retailers in the food service industry. SFPC has expanded its distribution network to the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Jordan, to produce a variety of value-added cooked chicken and beef products.

Zulfiqar Hamadani, Chief Executive Officer of Tammia, said: “This partnership marks an important milestone in Tammia’s journey by demonstrating its commitment to a pioneering role in supporting Saudi Arabia’s food security and self-sufficiency goals. In this new phase, animals. We will work with Tyson Foods, whose commitment to welfare, food safety, sustainability and quality is very much in line with our business model and sustainability framework. Not only will we be strengthened, but we will be able to expand our global footprint by leveraging our long-standing relationship with Tyson Foods and our customers around the world. “

“This investment will give us access to Saudi Arabia’s poultry supplies to meet the growing demand for protein in the Middle East and other markets,” said Chris Langholtz, International President of Tyson Foods. “Expanding to the international market is an important part of our strategic growth plan and we are pleased to be able to better serve our customers in the region.”

“Strategic partnerships are expected to accelerate the growth of Tyson Foods and Tanmia and create significant short-term and long-term value,” said Tansan, President of Tyson Foods APAC. “This is primarily achieved through further expansion of the entire value chain, enhanced product, customer and geographic diversification, and improvements in production and other operational processes. This agreement allows Tyson Foods and Tanmia to grow rapidly. It will also open up long-term opportunities in the kaizen food market. “

As part of the agreement, Tyson Foods and Tammia have promised to make significant investments to expand the processing power of SFPC. This investment is in line with Tammia’s strategic expansion agenda and will double the company’s capacity for value-added products. Through a 50/50 joint venture, the two companies will also seek opportunities in the fast-growing global halal market. Under the agreement, Tyson Foods will own a 15% stake and a 60% stake in the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC). Stock of Supreme Foods Processing Company (SFPC). This transaction requires approval by the General Competition Bureau of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other government agencies.

Through this partnership, Tanmia will continue to support the growth of Saudi Arabia’s Halal products by bringing world-class sector expertise to the Kingdom. Through its expansion, Tanmia will also create many employment opportunities in the local Saudi Arabian market.

Ahmed bin Sharaf Osilan, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tammia, said: “This partnership will not only increase supply chain efficiency and improve margins, but will undoubtedly enable further expansion and success at all stages of the supply chain, from material procurement to production to final distribution. In addition to the important opportunities that will be brought to the company in the future, we also look forward to working with Tyson Foods to further improve our technical expertise by providing innovative and diverse products to a wide range of customers inside and outside the king. I am doing it. “

Global protein consumption of chicken and other meats as a whole is projected to reach £ 95 billion over the next decade, much of which is outside the United States. Meanwhile, the global halal food market is expected to grow unprecedentedly in the long run. Industry reports indicate that by 2032, the compound annual growth rate will be close to 10%.

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