Tarahumara runner among the stars of the new movie

The two Rarámuri runners are part of a new Mexican movie cast about a man training to compete in the Mexico City Marathon.

Martin Moreno and Enrique Moreno will star with movie and television actor David Anglo 37 kmA film directed by Rafael Montero, currently in the final stages of post-production.

The protagonist meets Martin and Enrique at the beginning of the movie and asks them for help in achieving his goal of running. Mexico City Marathon And I swear to accompany them as they drive along the highway from the city of Chihuahua to the Sierra region of the state.

“They laugh a little at him and tell him he won’t go anywhere with those shoes,” Montero told the newspaper. El Unibel..

Rarámuri, or Tarahumara, people are famous long-distance runners and usually Performed with traditional sandals called Huarache..

37 km Directed by Rafael Montero.

Thomas J. Ramirez of the Tarahumara tribe siríame (Traditional leader) In the Sierra community, where the film was partially filmed, local teacher Martin Makawe also appears in the film. The director said that Laramuri men also contributed to the development of the plot in real time.

“They said,’Yes, we want to get involved, but we suggest things in a direct way,'” said Montero. “Several [of them] I was already doing theater in Sierra. It wasn’t complicated because they already had some experience. In the end, they understood what it was to make a movie. “

Montero said the amateur actor speaks in both Spanish and Laramuri in the film. And it is expected to premiere at the festival later this year. He said Spanish subtitles would accompany Rarámuri’s dialogue.

Shooting 37 km It was postponed twice due to a pandemic, but it was finally filmed from September to November last year.

The federal government and private investors have helped cover the cost of P30 million (US $ 1.5 million) in making a movie that already has a distributor in the United States.

“The idea is that leaving the theater will make you feel better,” said Mineko Mori, one of the producers.

“It’s the story of a man who isn’t perfect, like all of us. He has some problems in life, but he’s not a bad guy. Throughout this journey, he’s his best version. It’s always great to connect with and see people transform, “she said.

In the report from El Unibel Tarahumara runner among the stars of the new movie

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