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Targeting the Jain community through raids BJP: Akhilesh

Lucknow: The tax assault on Kannauj and Kanpur perfumers has finally become the color of the castorists. Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav said the BJP is targeting a minority Jain community.

The attacked perfumers Piyush Jain and Pushpraj Jain both belong to the Jain community.

“There are about 500,000 rupees of Jains known for their diligence, but the BJP is attacking them to target and harass them,” Akhilesh said.

“That’s not all. Another minority, the Anglo-Indian, had a single seat reserved for them in UP Parliament, but the Prime Minister also abolished it,” he said.

Achilles, who launched Round 10 of Bijay Yatra on Sunday, said the BJP government’s approach created a situation in which all sectors of society were seeking government change.

During Yatra, Achilles prayed at the newly built Sir Parshram’s Temple in the village of Mafrakaran along the Pulbanchar Highway.

He said the BJP leaders and prime minister were not to introduce the development work done under the BJP government, but to the Samajwadi Party only in their speeches.

“They never talk about failing to double the farmers’ income promised in their’Sankarp Patra’. They never talk about the work they promised to young people. The prices of essentials The daily rise is due to the BJP’s wrong policy, “he said.

He said most of the development work at ITCity and Chak Gajaria was done under the SP regime. “We brought HCL, and as a result, UP people who had to go to Hyderabad and Bangalore for study and work got the opportunity here,” he said.

https://www.siasat.com/akhilesh-yadav-2251917/ Targeting the Jain community through raids BJP: Akhilesh

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