Tatar: Greek Cypriots “preparing to shed blood”


Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar, who is clearly angry with Cyprus’ decision to strengthen military defense, said, “Greek Cypriots have begun aggressive arming plans and are ready to shed blood. “.

Talking to the Turkish newspaper Turkiye, Tatar, the leader of the unrecognized entity of Northern Cyprus under Turkish occupation, sought to compare the situation in Cyprus with the situation in Ukraine.

“What happened in Ukraine has shown to the world how right we are. In the past, Greek Cypriots were equipped for defense purposes. Now he says,” The doctrine has changed. The Greek Cypriots were given weapons and weapons systems worth 300 million euros. “

“Greek Cypriots are trying to shed blood and bring Cyprus back into turmoil before 1974,” Tatar said, turning Cyprus into an EU island with a Greek Cypriot identity. The main goal is. Tatar: Greek Cypriots “preparing to shed blood”

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