Tax avoidance battle central to NRRP, says Mattarella

(ANSA) – Rome, 29 November – Fighting tax evasion is at the heart of the EU-funded €200 billion National Post-COVID Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), President Sergio Mattarella said on Tuesday Stated.

At a joint press conference with Swiss President Ignazio Cassis, Mattarella said: “In Italy, a lot has been done, specifics and measures taken regarding the NRRP on tax evasion and there are no indications that this chapter will change. I can’t see you,” he said. It makes clear that the fight against tax evasion remains central to national recovery and resilience planning.

The NRRP is being implemented over the next two to three years with milestone targets subject to EU funding.

Commenting on Switzerland’s inclusion on Italy’s tax avoidance blacklist, Cassis said: “Being removed from the blacklist is very important not on a material level, but on a symbolic level. Why is it no longer there? It’s a needless nuisance and that’s a good thing.” Because Switzerland already meets that requirement. (ANSA).

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