Taxpayer data screening |

The Tax Administration is asking commercial lenders to provide additional data on bank accounts, taxpayer loans, interest expense and dividends by the end of February. Credit institutions are required to provide information on personal deposits and payments of inflows or outflows totaling more than € 100,000 per year.

The data collected by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) is used not only to fill taxpayers’ tax returns, but also to match tax returns submitted by individuals and businesses. Accounts are also monitored for money laundering.

Tax officials say crosschecks will increase significantly this year through a newly evolved online system. The purpose is to identify tax evasion pockets and income hidden by taxpayers. In addition to banks, tax authorities also receive data from private schools, mobile networks, private hospitals, and even water companies such as EYDAP.

The decision signed by IAPR Director Giorgos Pitsilis is that credit institutions, financial foundations, card payment processors, payment institutions, Hellenic Post, and investment service suppliers send data on interest on deposits, repos, Treasury securities and government bonds to IAPR. It stipulates that it should be done. Corporate bonds of listed companies and securities of other countries.

The IAPR check focuses on several information categories to reveal hidden taxable objects. In addition to data on interest paid to taxpayers and businesses, tax officials pay from financial leasing companies to repay bank accounts, mortgages, consumer loans and other loans that exceed 100,000 euros in transactions. , Sift dividends based on data provided by Hellenic Exchanges SA.etc

Cross-checks also include information from insurance policies such as life insurance, personal injury insurance and health insurance. The IAPR also added to the monitoring process, medical costs in private clinics, tuition in private schools, telephone service (landline and mobile) costs, amount paid to power companies, and water charges in excess of € 1,000 per year. To incorporate. Taxpayer data screening |

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