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A further 3,000 teachers left classrooms in Norway this week, amid pay strikes and a nationwide shortage of fully qualified teachers. A state arbitrator said the conflict between the teachers’ union and the local government that employs it appears to have stalled.

On Tuesday, striking teachers tried to cheer themselves up at the local metro station in Bekkestua, Bærum. Their T-shirt sent the message that if Norway invests in students, it must also invest in teachers. Photo: Møst

There were no immediate plans for a new round of mediation.not a teacher union (Utdanningsforbundet, Skolenes Landsforbund When Norsk Lektorlag) Nor does the organization representing local governments (KS) appear to be willing to compromise.

Hundreds of teachers gathered outside the parliament building in Oslo on Monday as the line of pickets grew.Leader of Stefan Handal UtdanningsforbundetHe said the number of strikers had ballooned from about 3,500 to 6,500 and the number of teachers had nearly doubled, “demonstrating the seriousness of the situation.” Two smaller unions each put about 40 members on strike.

“No Will” to Resolve
“KS (employers’ association) has rejected all our alternatives as a solution,” Handal told the NTB news station on Monday. “I have absolutely no desire to find a way out of this strike.” We need measures.”

Schools in the Bergen and Oslo suburbs of Weirum were most affected this week, with the highest number of striking teachers. Schools in the Stavanger suburbs of Trondheim and Bryn were also on strike for the first time since strikes began in June.

Only first-grade teachers are fully protected, but middle and high schools are most affected by strikes. It comes just as schools have fully reopened after the pandemic, raising particular concerns about how students are being affected. Both sides are missing, and the parents are asking for reconciliation.

“I have nothing more to give”
KS leaders have repeatedly insisted that they have nothing more to give. Teachers, on the other hand, are demanding higher salaries, citing that they have lagged behind other groups in recent years. Striking teachers’ unions want to pay more to teachers with the highest levels of education and tenure. They have not accepted her 3.84% pay raise given to others in the local public sector. This salary increase equates to NOK 12,000 to 16,800 per year.

Handar said he believes KS speculates that the government will order teachers to return to work because the strike is affecting the mental health of students. KS notes that Oslo’s teachers settled earlier this year and are not on strike, disputing teachers in other cities demanding more. These cities include Haugesund, Arendal, Bodo, Lillestrom, Molde, Porsgrunn, Tromso, Jevik, Hallstad, Steinger, and Stjordal. Berglund Teachers’ Strike Spreads Again | Norwegian English News —

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