Team Navalny: General Slovikin ‘released’ profitable phosphate mines in Syria

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Team Navalny is It was published A new investigation into General Sergey Slovikin and his Syria operations involved Russia securing access to two profitable phosphate mining sites, Al-Sharqiyah and Kneifis. The “hint” that aided the extraction of phosphates in the military goes back to a business co-founded by his wife, Anna Slovikina.

General Sergey Slovikin (sometimes jokingly referred to as “General Armageddon”) was the first commander of Russian forces to invade Ukraine.formerly he lead In the spring of 2017, he was appointed commander of Russian forces in Syria. He currently holds the rank of Field Marshal, the only army rank above Surovikin.

Surovikin’s wife, Anna Surovikina, is one of the co-founders of lumber company Argus SFK. Her partner in her business at the time of Argus’ founding was Anastasia Mishalina. Anastasia Mishalina, Alexander She is Michalin’s daughter and was then Deputy Minister of Transport and later Sverdlovsk Regional Governor. In 2011, one of Alexei Navalny’s closest associates, Leonid Volkov, then deputy member of the Yekaterinburg city council, said: defendant Argus SFK receives illegal subsidies.then the court ordered Volkov retracts his statement.

Team Navalny reports that the Argus SFK is still operational. Since 2018 at the latest, its profits have been negative, but in 2020-2021 he received a number of ‘loans’ from another entity, STG Logistika. The loans totaled 104 million rubles (up to $1.7 million depending on the exchange rate at the time of transaction) and have not been repaid to date. The lender, STG Logistika, is a subsidiary of Stroytransgaz, a company that happens to belong to Stroytransgaz. billionaire A close friend of Vladimir Putin’s Gennady Timchenko.

Summer 2017, Stroytransgaz I started It extracts phosphate from two Syrian mining sites, Al-Sharqiyah and Kneifis.Slovikin personally report In October 2017, I reported to President Putin about the liberation of two locations. Slovikin’s forces may have participated in securing phosphate exports from Syria.

According to Alexey Navalny, Anna Surovikina’s Argus was only a front for channeling “tips” of Surovikin’s military support for Timchenko’s profitable mining operations.

Sergei Slovikin

Sergey Surovikin is known as a proponent of indiscriminate mass bombardment of enemy infrastructure. He took command of Russian forces in Ukraine on October 8 following the Crimean bridge explosion. On October 10, the Russian military launched a massive missile strike against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

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