Team Navalny states that it will resume local networks to resist war and mobilization.

Alexi critic Alexe Nawarinui, who was imprisoned on Tuesday, resumed his regional political network to compete with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent President Vladimir Putin’s order. He said.

“It’s time to recover our network to fight the mobilization and war,” said Ivan Zdanov, a former director of Navalney’s corruption Foundation. It was published Navalnie’s chief Leonid Volkov is a social media on Tuesday.

Navalny’s political network, which once had 50 regional headquarters throughout Russia, broke up last year after the Moscow court banned it as an “extremist” organization.

However, in response to thousands of Russian mobilization of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine and thousands of Russia to strengthen Russian efforts last month, Volkov has declared that the network has resumed to deal with these problems.

“Putin has brought war and suffering to all Russian families in Russia,” said Volkov.

As with Volkov, Jidanov, who has lived in exile to avoid criminal prosecution, promised the new group to be a “partisan basement” movement in Russia, and called on the citizens to cooperate with the group.

“The battle can be a variety of shapes and extremes,” said Volkov. “You can spread information, provide legal support, volunteer, and hinder the work of the military entry office.”

After Kremlin suppressed the Russian parliamentary opposition in the past decade, Nawarinui’s movement became the strongest opposition party in Russia.

Despite being in prison for nine years on charges, his allies called for a stake. Nawarinui was one of the most loud voices opposed to Moscow’s invasion of neighboring countries.

The call on Tuesday seems to reach Russians beyond the existing supporters of the imprisoned Clemlin critic by appealing to all people opposing war and mobilization.

“We welcome everyone, the worthy and the most acute person, welcome everyone. It’s not important for us where you come and where you are working. The important thing is this war. That means opposing the government, “said Volkov. Team Navalny states that it will resume local networks to resist war and mobilization.

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