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Tech Female: Cashew’s Evtissam Weashif

The peak social isolation of Covid-19 is undoubtedly rushing AR and VR. These latest technologies can significantly improve your digital social interaction and screen time experience. Many Fortune 500 companies are shifting or exposing themselves to the Metaverse. I think this will be a big theme in the next 10 years. In recent years, a great many exciting technologies have been realized, which can be seen both globally and locally. More than ever, the local industry is immediately welcoming these new technologies. And we see a lot of incubators and investments coming from this region to local start-ups and businesses. Building for the future is definitely an exciting time.

Banking and payments are one of the areas of great confusion. This is one of the few industries that sticks to old practices, especially in the region, despite all the technological advances over the years. With the impact of cash flow since Covid-19 and the continued growth of online shopping, consumers are more welcoming to the turmoil than ever before. We are in the midst of this and look forward to innovating and changing people’s thinking about finances and how payments can prevent them from being stressed or burdened.

In addition to FinTech’s growth, we’ve witnessed technologies such as AR, VR, and e-vehicles disrupting so many industries, and we’ve seen some of the best technologies since the web and social. You are at the crossroads of innovation.

As a female leader, I feel that women are becoming more and more recognized as business leaders. It has been great for many years. My struggle probably came at the crossroads of not only being a female leader, but also in the banking industry, which is generally dominated by men. The biggest difference for me is fighting the fight in delivery. I believe that by providing good products and services, we can overcome the stereotypes and obstacles that people may face. So I personally focus on building great products and businesses.

Opportunities and awareness are probably the most powerful tools to attract more women to the tech industry. I believe the opportunity has improved significantly in the last few years and will continue to do so. I think some improvements and initiatives for investing in businesses established by women will help to further enhance it. Second, proper recognition of success stories will help other female leaders to follow the path and innovate. It would be nice to have a similar mind networking event to help share experiences and answer questions from women who haven’t taken the first step yet.

https://gulfbusiness.com/women-in-tech-cashews-ibtissam-ouassif/ Tech Female: Cashew’s Evtissam Weashif

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