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Teens COVID-19 Jab is only in higher government facilities: Harish Lao

Hyderabad: Vaccination promotion for children ages 15-18, starting January 3, next year, will begin with major government facilities at companies and district headquarters that doctors and other senior medical staff can observe. .. ..

Starting January 3, the Terangana Department of Family Health and Welfare will begin making online reservations for vaccination of children ages 15-18 in all municipal corporate areas from the COWIN portal.

THarish Rao, Health Minister of Terangana, said at a media conference on 28 December that government medical institutions would not vaccinate minors in the absence of doctors. Children born before 2007 are eligible for vaccination. According to our figures, Telangana has a young man of Rs. 227,800, aged 15-18.

The Telangana State Government also requires the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) to grant permission to administer booster shots to all seniors over the age of 60. If you are older and have comorbidities, you are eligible for “prophylactic administration”. “

However, he said he would have to vaccinate everyone over the age of 60 and would write to MoHFW about this.

Lao also announced that front-line workers targeted for booster shots include municipal hygiene staff, the press, and other groups at risk. All health care workers and police officers are also qualified.

In Telangana, about 700,000 rupees of COVID-19 vaccination is required to complete immunity to children aged 15-18 and over 60. “I highly recommend people to be vaccinated in large doses.” “The buffer stock has a Covid dose of about 300,000 rupees, and Telangana is not deficient in vaccination,” Harish Rao claimed.

Minister of Health Telangana T Harish Lao On Tuesday, he said there were signs of a growing community of Omicron variants in the state.

“Three people with no travel history were infected with Omicron,” he added. Three infected patients from Hyderabad belong to different backgrounds.

Dialysis technicians, pregnant women, and software employees in private hospitals were found to be positive for the COVID-19 virus variant.

Of the 62 people who tested positive for the Omicron variant, 46 were fully vaccinated, 2 were partially vaccinated, and 14 did not receive a single dose of the vaccine.

https://www.siasat.com/teens-covid-19-jab-only-at-higher-govt-facilities-harish-rao-2249605/ Teens COVID-19 Jab is only in higher government facilities: Harish Lao

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