Teens eligible for booster shots from April 16th

Bandar Seri Begawan – Booster shots for young people aged 12 to 17 will begin on April 16th. The Ministry of Health announced on Sunday.

Jab will be available at all COVID-19 vaccination centers nationwide. Jubli Emas Bunut Health Center; Dewan Seri Kenangan, Tutong; Dewan Kemasyarakatan, Bellaron; Sriseri Vegawan Hospital; and Panaga Health.

Parents can book vaccinations via the BruHealth app from 12:00 pm on April 15th. At least 3 months have passed since the child’s second dose.

Over 99 percent of adolescents (slightly over 40,000 children) have been double-dose since the government’s inception. Vaccination program for teens Last November.

Ministry of Health in a week Vaccination drive for children 5-11 years oldSo far, 5,668 doses have been given, representing 13.2 percent of that age group.

Weekly COVID number

Weekly cases continue to decline, with 2,556 infections recorded last week, a 44% decrease from the previous week.

Over the past week, an average of 365 new infections have been reported daily. This corresponds to 8.6% of the peak. The highest 7-day moving average was recorded on March 7 (4,213 infections).

Brunei has recorded 138,530 coronavirus infections so far. A total of 210 people died from COVID, but the Ministry of Health said only 42% of them were directly related to the virus and the rest had the underlying health problems that ultimately caused their deaths. I did. Teens eligible for booster shots from April 16th

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